In the following pages we will give you a crash course in Sprinklers 101. Our intent is to give you the information you will need to make a decision that you will be happy with now and many years into the future. If you have specific questions that we haven’t answered here, please give us a phone call or send us an email. You can always find our contact information at the lower left corner of every page in our website. We believe very strongly in the products and services that we provide for our customers. Browse around a while and find out why. Thanks for stopping.

Darren Osterman, General Manager
Precision Rain Lawn Irrigation

740 S 48th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510
Ph: 402-467-4848
Fax: 402-323-7780

Know What You Are Paying For
Anytime you consider a significant purchase, it is important that you understand what it is that you are buying. In the case of a sprinkler system, you are buying the irrigation design, the products that make up the sprinkler system, the installation technique and craftsmanship of the installers and the ongoing support of your installer for maintenance, repair and any other needs you may have.

When you choose Precision Rain to install your automatic, underground sprinkler system, you are choosing an efficient, water-saving design, comprised of parts and materials of the highest quality, precisely installed and proudly maintained by Lincoln’s Premier Lawn Sprinkler Service and Installation Company.

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