Drew, Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the great job you and your crew did with our sprinklers. They work great and we love not having to lug hoses all over the yard! Thanks again-we were impressed with your company’s professionalism. Obviously our neighbors must have been too; we hear you’ll be doing an installation down the street from us. Have a great summer-we’ll see you in church.

Matt & Karin Schur


I called 8 companies, got responses from 4 and bids from 3. I was impressed with the way you answered my questions.

You were quick to respond to my phone calls.

You were knowledgable and you provided me choices and options.

You answered all of my questions.

You’re service-focused and so you know what works and what doesn’t because you know what breaks and what is impractical.

I liked that you didn’t install only one brand. I wanted and got the best products available for my lawn.

I love watering my yard without having to move sprinklers!

The actual installation seemed to go in easily and quickly.

It works fine and I haven’t had any problems and it covers everything that I want it to cover.

You are very prompt with service and quick to return calls. That’s important.

When you say you are going to be there, you will, and you do what you say you are going to do. That level of accountability speaks well of you.

Les Monroe


Thanks for all you do to keep us “green & growing.”

Darryl & Kay Kile


We have been extremely satisfied with the exceptional service delivered by Precision Rain.

When we have contacted Drew with a telephone call or voice mail message, the problem is corrected before we can even think about it again.

He leaves a business card to let us know that the work is completed and we are assured that he has done an honest, competent job.

It is a pleasure to find such trustworthy service.

Steve Shaw & Terri Hess


I assure you that yours will be the first name I mention to any friends or acquaintances interested in installing a superior lawn irrigation system.

We both agreed that you were the best person for the job in so many ways. I wanted to send you a letter of thanks for your bid and coming to my home to present it.

I appreciate your time and effort. And moreover, I appreciate your professionalism and knowledge.

Robert Aguirre


It took just one phone call to realize we would be working with Precision Rain.

The customer service we have received has been superb.

You are always friendly and a pleasure to work with.

The service has always been timely and efficient, and the cost is reasonable.

I appreciate your willingness to work within our maintenance staff’s schedule.

It’s so nice to see that as Precision Rain grows, the customer service has continued to grow with it. Keep up the good work!

Lisa Henning, Service Director Carriage Glen


It is my pleasure to recommend to you Drew Buss and the company
Precision Rain.

Throughout the past several years we have been very pleased with the services of this outstanding business.

My husband, Mark and I first used Precision Rain for repair work on our home sprinkler system that was previously installed by another company that has since gone out of business.

We were impressed by both his willingness to set up an appointment convenient for us and the fact he arrived promptly on time.

His knowledge and his ability to complete the repair work quickly were equally as impressive.

Because of our high level of satisfaction, we recommended Drew and Precision Rain to many of our friends and neighbors.

They were equally as pleased as we were and Precision Rain continues to be the expert “sprinkler system company” of choice in our neighborhood.

In addition, Precision Rain has assisted me on a project for one of our local elementary schools. As a parent volunteer working on tan extension to the current sprinkler system, I ran into difficulties with several of the companies recommended by the school district. I contacted Drew and with his knowledge and expertise, reviewed the existing system and submitted a competitive bid for the extension project. We were pleased to select Precision Rain for the job and they are currently in the midst of completing the system extension.

These days it is sometimes difficult to find a company that is dependable and trustworthy. It is my pleasure to use these two words, in recommending Precision Rain to you.

Deb Schorr


You gave me the best, most professional service I’ve had for a couple of years!

I’ll certainly refer you to others!

Kathy Janssen


The service was excellent

The men were very professional and competent

It was a pleasure to have them at my home

Del Emerson


Excellent Service. Thank you.

Cliff Sissel


Drew, I wanted to let you know the young man you sent was very polite and professional. I was very pleased with the service. Thank you.

Diane Dirksen


Drew, thanks for the fast and friendly service. You’ve got a great receptionist!

Katie Hilgenkamp


Thanks for the wonderful service. This is the first time in 3 years that my sprinkler head hasn’t leaked!

Annie Settell


I just want to say thank you for coming out right away. I really appreciate it.

Chris Adamek


I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was when you fixed my sprinklers. Unfortunately I do not remember the person’s name who fixed the sprinklers but he indicated that he’s the one that does that kind of work – so, please pass this on to him and to his boss. I learned a lot from him. Not only did he fix the sprinklers, but he showed me everything he was doing and explained why he was doing it. I know that on that day he had other appointments but he still took time to allow me to ask questions. It is because of him, I am going to call your company every time I need sprinkler work done and not only that but I will (and have already) told many people about your company and how absolutely pleased I was. Once again, thank you very much. You have an excellent employee.

Steven Bassett


This past fall, Precision Rain and its proprietor, Drew Buss, did an excellent job for me on an extension to the existing sprinkler system at Maxey Elementary School

Drew’s willingness to meet at times convenient for my schedule was greatly appreciated.

More importantly, he completed the installation work on a Saturday to minimize any disruption to Maxey students, parents and staff.

His promptness in returning my numerous phone calls was also appreciated.

This might seem insignificant, but when you encounter local companies that will not even return a simple phone call asking for their business, you realize the value of outstanding customer service.

Precision Rain’s bid was most competitive with two other companies I consulted with and received bids from for this particular project.

The original plans underwent several revisions. This resulted in a project significantly smaller than originally planned.

Drew and his team still completed the project with enthusiasm and professionalism.

My husband, Mark, and I have and will continue to use Precision Rain for our residential sprinkler system and we willingly refer this customer-oriented company to our friends and neighbors for their irrigation needs.

Also, I plan to utilize Precision Rain for another project I am working on with the Lincoln Community Playhouse.

I am confident that Precision Rain will provide the same terrific service for any Lincoln Public School that they have for me and the Maxey Elementary PTO.

Deb Schorr, (then) Maxey PTO Grounds Develepment Chairperson. (now) Lincoln City Councilwoman.


Lisa, Drew & Mike, all of you, this is Mark Schorr. I just wanted to extend my appreciation for how quick Mike got out and got our sprinklers back up and running this week. I appreciate it very much. I’m delighted you got it up and running so quick and it was a simple procedure, so thanks again. As always, you guys give great service. Again, thank you very much. (phone message)

Mark Schorr


I found you to be dependable, reliable and honest which is comforting in this day and age.

You rescued my husband from having to do the work!

I feel comfortable referring others to Precision Rain and I have.

You got the system up and running and it went through the season without problems.

You did a great job for us and we’ll continue to be happy to refer our friends and neighbors.

Kay Kile


I was amazed at how fast and efficient you were and how personable you were.

You were willing to take the time to explain what was wrong and what you were going to do to fix it.

You didn’t treat me like a bimbo. Sometimes people hear a woman on the phone and try and take you for a ride. You treated me like a person.

I was surprised at how quickly the repair was accomplished. You had all the parts right there with you.

Your service was most definitely a good value – definitely worth the money.

You gave me several options for solving my problem and let me choose.

You seemed like you were the only one who knew what they were doing in the back yard!

I asked the neighbors for their sprinkler guys and they didn’t call back. Now we tell the neighbors about Precision Rain.

I especially like the way you put the grass back. You really impressed me.

You couldn’t even tell where you had dug. That really impressed me. I was amazed. You didn’t leave any gaping holes like everyone else did.

We’re very pleased with you and your work. We have had no problems with the work you had done. When you say you’re going to be here, you are here. You return phone calls and I think that’s very nice.

Joann Foucco


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